London Week - DLKW Lowe

The London Week third year reports continue. Next up we have a student review of the visit to DLKW Lowe.

DLKW Lowe - Bert Marissen & Ben Williams

DLKW Lowe was an agency that we'd not come across before and knew little about, however we loved their moving Morrison's Christmas insight to mums, so we were quite excited and intrigued to see what the agency was like.

Upon arriving, the agency certainly gained people's attention, with a large escalator inside that welcomed us to a quirky setting that seemed half corporate and half creative. 

Waiting in the impressive reception...

Cool chairs!

A week before the visit we were asked to tackle a brief set by past Lincoln graduates, Neil and Stefan - Legoland.

The guys had recently worked on the brief so they already had good ideas on what was right. However,  the whole group seemed to tackle the brief pretty well and Neil and Stefan gave us all great feedback - the common theme always being to take the ideas further.

Neil & Stefan told us about their experiences with other agencies and DLKW Lowe. Unfortunately we were unable to look around as they were working on a big project at the time. Maybe next time.