London Week - Ogilvy

The London Week third year reports continue. Next up we have a student review of the visit to Ogilvy.

Ogilvy - Jenny McDonald

We were greeted by past Lincoln graduates, Daz and Tom, who were amongst the first graduates of the Creative Advertising course in Lincoln. After being ushered up into the creative department, the scene was somewhat different - with its smooth finishes and angular features, it looked like a very cool, modern art gallery.

Prior to the visit we were given a live brief that Tome & Daz had just finished work on: Grants Whisky. The aim of the brief was to advertise the liquor to 29-35 year old men.

We presented our work in the boardroom with a brief explanation of each of our ideas. Daz and Tom then critiqued each idea and analysed their pros and cons. Some of the work we showed was similar to the ideas they developed whilst working on the brief. After each of us had presented our ideas we were asked us which campaigns we felt worked the best. Nick &Gemma won a bag of chocolates for their idea based around 'discussions' and Lucy & Vicky also won a bag of chocolates for their idea based around creating a 'Top Gent Day'.

The final prize however was awarded by Daz and Tom themselves to Kwan for her idea based around Grants being passed down through generations. Kwan was rewarded with a bottle of Grants for her idea! We then had a Q&A session with Daz and Tom and learned about their experiences of breaking into the industry and their time at the world renowned agency, Ogilvy.

After experiencing a tour last year at Ogilvy New York, it was very interesting to see how the London office operated. To be in the midst of such a big agency was also very insightful, especially for those of us who hope to work there (or it's equivalent) one day.