Laura & Elliott are lovin it.

Laura Clark & Elliott Starr are a couple of ex-Lincoln Creative Advertising students who graduated last year and have gone on to secure a job for themselves at Leo Burnett. It's quite impressive to get a full time position at such a big agency and this is no doubt down to the hard work and energy that the team put into their time on placement.

The team have wasted no time in getting some good work on to television and their new spot for McDonalds is appearing nationally as this post goes to press. I'll let Laura and Elliott explain how the ad came about.

On the set of the new McDonalds Frappes commercial.

"We started our placement at Leo Burnett in January, this brief was given to us in the first few weeks, needless to say it’s been quite the journey to get to where we are now! McDonald’s have just brought out new McCafé Iced Frappés all we had to do was launch them, but our competition was coffee shops such as Starbucks which are renowned for their Frappuccino’s.

Elliott & Laura (on the left) check the footage whilst the director beatboxes.

 The idea is therefore that whilst Starbucks and the like might be offering a luxurious treat, it comes at a price and therefore isn’t as accessible. McDonald’s offers the same but cheaper. “Luxury for everyone” Months of preparation and a day driving around London on our very own open top bus, in the rain, wearing sexy rain ponchos! Here’s the finished article."

Well done team, a simple idea well executed, we're lovin it.