Artur & Philippa before they were hired. 
They are in fact normal sized people, they're just sat in a very tall booth.

Ex-Lincoln Creative Advertising graduates Philippa Beaumont & Artur Deyneuve recently got hired at Wieden+Kennedy after a successful work placement. W+K is one of the best known agencies in adland and have produced some of the most highly acclaimed and awarded work of recent years, so we're very proud of Phil & Artur's achievement.

Here's the team explaining how they got the job.  "We got offered a placement at W+K way back in September and by the time we started in May we'd done a couple of placements that stood us in good stead. We loved it straight away, sometimes an agency just feels right for a team and we definitely felt that about W+K. It's an amazing place and we were learning loads at a ridiculous speed. Two months into our placement we had a TV ad for Tesco coming out and lots of press and online stuff to support it too. We got to present our campaign at the monthly All Agency Meeting which was exciting but a little scary. We were happy to be extended longer on our placement and getting hired was a complete surprise. We had a meeting with Tony and Kim, the ECD's, which was titled 'End of placement review', hence the complete surprise. We had a good long chat with them and then towards the end Tony dropped the h word. It still hasn't quite sunk in, W+K was always THE place we wanted to work and we feel very lucky to be able to start our careers here under the guidance of some of the best in the business. It was well worth the hard work and late nights both at uni and on placement, our time on the course definitely prepared us for the industry. All the advice from our tutors was invaluable. We've been at Wiedens about 5 months now and are still learning more and more everyday and we're following the agency motto to 'walk in stupid everyday. What we still haven't learnt is how to take a good team photo! See awkward photos for proof' "

This is great news for Phil & Artur who have made a great start to their careers in advertising.

Awkward team photo.