Thursday, 29 October 2009

Respect is due to Level 3 teams Charlotte Gibling & Vicky Daley and Pete Ioulianou & Ollie Agius. These two team have been selected to be 2 of only 20 teams to take part in the 24-hour ad challenge for M&C Saatchi (and HYPtv) where they will have to come up with an idea, write a script, film it and produce it all in the space of (you guessed it) 24 hours. Their work will be judged by Alan Yentob (Creative Director of the BBC), Graham Fink (Creative Director M&C Saatchi), Peter Saville and Patrick Burgogne (editor of Creative Review) to name but a few.

They will be working with a team of film students to help them shoot and produce their ads which should be a great experience for all concerned.

Very well done you guys. This was a VERY competitive selection process and you've done incredibly well in getting chosen. So the best of luck with it all, stock up on the Pro Plus, and we'll all be watching this space to see how you get on.

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

This morning in Screen 8 at Lincoln's Odeon, 1st and 2nd years were treated to a lecture on 'Sound in Storytelling', delivered by lecturer Justin Tagg.

Justin used the Odeon as a great backdrop to magnify the whole lecture experience whilst students listened to/watched diverse audio and visual examples ranging from Premier League football matches and Alfred Hitchcock's 'The Birds' to the way psychologists build rapport and how sound enforces the illusion of visual storytelling.

It all came together to form an incredibly entertaining picture of how all information informs the story of our world and how sound can work to improve effective communication! Or when ignored... destroy it!

At the end there was also a big round of applause for The Odeon cinema who were heavily heavily involved in the event along with specific thanks to John, the projectionist and Gordon, the manager of the Odeon.

What a brilliant event.

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Featured in this week's Campaign is the new work from one of our oldest graduate teams, Stu & Sean. They were 2 of the 11 first ever graduates from the course when it was called BA (Hons) Advertising Art Direction. They now work at Dare (Campaign's digital agency of the year 2003, 2004, 2005 & 2007) and have produced this as part of the 'All your mates in one place' campaign for Vodafone:

This is what it says in Campaign:
"Vodafone has created 1,400 branded circles on streets across the UK as part of a new campaign to promote its new Vodafone 360 service. Devised by Dare, the ambient campaign encourages consumers to invite as many friends as they can to stand in and around one of the circles, with the team with the most people in one place winning a £36,000 experience of a lifetime prize. There will also be daily prizes of £360 for the most people in a circle and the most creative entry that day. A microsite has been set up to raise awareness of the contest, which will also be promoted through social network sites and a viral, starring Lewis Hamilton and members of the England cricket team."

Nice work Stu & Sean > hope to see you back in Lincoln soon! Keep spreading the good word...

Monday, 19 October 2009

The second years had a lot of innovative fun in the CA studio last week. Here's a post from Adam:

"The best fun to be had with a picture of an old bald man! Beth dug up this gem of an idea from the depths of the web -> fold pictures of hard man supreme, Ross Kemp! It's a brilliant way to creatively spend 5 minutes. Hopefully more mountain-and-valley folded Mr Kemps will make themselves known by being posted on the CA studio noticeboards in due course."

Adam, 2nd Year

Friday, 16 October 2009

All of this week one of last year's Creative Advertising graduates Sarah Whittaker (real name 'Spadge') has been a living piece of art for Damien Hirst. Here's what she says:

"This week me and my twin sister Rosie sat in the Tate Modern as part of Damien Hirst's part in the PopLife exhibition. We had to sit beneath two spot paintings (1992), dressed the same, and doing the same thing for four hours at a time. We had three shifts, which doesn't sound like a lot of hours, but it sure feels longer when people are constantly staring at you!

We were allowed to be ourselves and talk to each other, as well as to the public, which was a good job because everyone had a million questions for us! The most common being 'how long do you have to sit here for?!' and 'how much is he paying you!?' The answer to the latter is £7.50 an hour! So we've made £90 each from this amazing experience!

It was one of the scariest but most interesting things I've ever done! The most interesting thing I overheard from an onlooker was 'it's so strange having the artwork stare back'. The experience has helped my confidence no end, but I wouldn't do it again." Spadge x x

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Last night level 3 (and others) had a party. A 'tie' party. It was, by all accounts, a great success. This was confirmed by the rather quiet work-in-progress reviews this morning with Gyles and Mike. We have never seen so many bottles of water accompanying ideas sheets!

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

A post from Ruby from level 3:

"Our first treat back as 3rd years, was a visit by Advertising legend Dave Morris, and in three groups, over three days we took part in intensive 1-day lecture/seminars. With the help of Sun Tzu’s The Art of War, and bribery (we all put a pound into a prize fund) he enticed us into selling the impossible.

Some of the subjects we had to promote were:

- Get men to wear cosmetics?

- Encourage Parents to smack their kids?

- Promote abstaining from sex until you’re 18?

- Encourage young people not to go to University.

No problem! A one minute presentation from each of us was followed by a discussion and critique of our work.

All this was interspersed with presentations from Dave, including a follow-up to one he gave last year on the ‘Creative Pyramid’, and an exercise in strategy with some great examples from past and present campaigns. At 5 o’clock Dave perked us up with the reminder that a pair of us would soon become £18 richer [the ‘put a pound in’ prize fund].

A vote cast on our reworked ideas, which saw a team from each of the three groups go away with the prize money and their colleagues esteem!"

Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby - Level 3

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

It is with great sadness that, during the process of setting this up, we've discovered that ScampBlog is no more (since June). One of the best creative advertising blogs in the industry, it was particularly useful for students and new creatives. It was written by Simon Veksner at BBH and became essential reading for students and graduates looking for a place to engage with the industry and fellow young creatives. Thank you SO much for the last 3 years Simon (707 posts) - I really hope that we don't have to wait too long for a blog to take its place that is as insightful, useful and energetic.

Even though it is no longer 'live', but still online, I would encourage all of you to have a good trawl of its content. There's a huge amount of very good advice here. It's not all bad news though: according to the last post much of Scamp's content is going to be published in a book next year. This promises to be very useful. Can't wait, Simon...

RIP Scamp - you will be fondly remembered.

Monday, 5 October 2009

Sorry about the title of this post, but some more impressive CA graduate news. Featured in this week's Campaign magazine are Tom & Darren who work at Ogilvy (and graduated in the same year as Mike & Phil two years ago - see earlier post) and their new print and poster campaign for Ford. As I'm sure you'll agree, it's very impressive. Bravo Daz 'n' Tom, you're doing us proud.
Check out this link to catch-up with Mike & Phil who graduated from here in 2008 and are currently on placement at 'agency-of-the-year' Wieden+Kennedy. Well done guys, keep flying the flag... It's also well worth checking out their very entertaining and informative blog >>

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Yesterday saw the first University of Lincoln Open Day for this academic year. It was great to meet so many people and chat about the CA course. It was pretty busy actually and Mike and I had some good conversations with prospective students (and their parents!) considering doing the Creative Advertising course next year, answering all their questions and showing them around. Nice to meet you all - hope to see you again at interview!

Many thanks must go to students Charley, James and Elliot for all their help giving tours around TPH, answering questions and showing past student work. As usual, very much appreciated.

The next open day is Saturday 31st October. We'll be wearing our costumes for a Halloween special (or not)!! See the Lincoln University website for more details.

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