Brooke wins Howies Microadventure competition

Here's a quick (but pretty cool) thing.

Earlier this month, Creative Advertising 2010 graduate Brooke Cutmore (who works with creative partner Ruud Kool at Creature, London) was announced to be one of four winners of the Howies Microadventures competition with the short film 'From London to Lewes' that she made with Luke Clark.

To quote from the Howies website:-

'Microadventures let anyone plunge into a world of cheap Credit Crunch adventures. Adventures that are close to home, which are fun, affordable, easy to organise and designed to get you doing and experiencing things that would normally pass you by.'

We asked you to get out there and do your own Microavdenture and send us your story. For us, these four stories really captured the spirit of Adventure.'

You can check out the other three winning entries on the Howies Brainfood website.
Here's Brooke and Luke's film.

Well done Brooke (and Luke!). Loving the spirit!