Gabi & Matt

Matt & Gabi phoning piggy bank helpline.

Gabrielle Choo and Matt Paxton graduated last year from the Lincoln Creative Advertising course and have gone on to land themselves a full time job at DigitasLBi, hooray. This didn't happen by accident of course Gabi and Matt put in a great deal of hard work into their work placement and all of the effort paid off when they were finally offered a contract just before Christmas. I'll let the guys tell you the story in their own words. 'After our end of year show in June we sadly waved goodbye to a wonderful three years in Lincoln, however we were ready for our next adventure. Raring to take our first steps in to London Adland. After a busy few weeks going on book crits and further developing our portfolio we landed out first placement at the wonderful Hometown. On our first day we were thrown in the deep end, working on the same briefs as the senior creatives at the agency. Though slightly daunting I believe that giving us so much responsibility so early on was invaluable. After three months, two monumental briefs and one pitch winning idea our summer was over.

Next we were to become winterns at the magnificent DigitasLBi on Brick Lane. We immediately loved the agency, everyone was so friendly and there was always something exciting going on. Though in such a huge place we had to work hard to prove ourselves. We scrambled for any brief we could get and tried to get to know as many people as possible. In the next few weeks we worked on a real range of stuff. We realised the scope of the work that DigitasLBi did, and it was brilliant. After a few successful briefs we took part in an ideas workshop for a new account with some of the other creatives, some of the creative directors and the chief creative director. After coming back with just a days worth of ideas we presented them to the daunting panel. Unbelievably they liked them.

A Unicorn

Over the next few days we were asked to develop these ideas, we heard hints and rumors over drinks that the creative directors didn’t want us to go quite yet. We geared ourselves up to ask for our placement to be extended. Before we got a chance to we were stopped at our desks and each handed a red box with a unicorn embossed on the front, the unicorn being the symbol of Digitas LBi. A round of applause across the huge studio. Matt hyperventilating. Me clutching my red box like a trophy. After a month on placement we were asked to be a permanent part of the team. Just in time for Christmas, we became fully fledged unicorns.'