Spadge in The Tate Modern!

All of this week one of last year's Creative Advertising graduates Sarah Whittaker (real name 'Spadge') has been a living piece of art for Damien Hirst. Here's what she says:

"This week me and my twin sister Rosie sat in the Tate Modern as part of Damien Hirst's part in the PopLife exhibition. We had to sit beneath two spot paintings (1992), dressed the same, and doing the same thing for four hours at a time. We had three shifts, which doesn't sound like a lot of hours, but it sure feels longer when people are constantly staring at you!

We were allowed to be ourselves and talk to each other, as well as to the public, which was a good job because everyone had a million questions for us! The most common being 'how long do you have to sit here for?!' and 'how much is he paying you!?' The answer to the latter is £7.50 an hour! So we've made £90 each from this amazing experience!

It was one of the scariest but most interesting things I've ever done! The most interesting thing I overheard from an onlooker was 'it's so strange having the artwork stare back'. The experience has helped my confidence no end, but I wouldn't do it again." Spadge x x