The Great Debate

Creative Advertising students have been flexing their mental muscles over the past two weeks with the first in a series of 'Great Debates' in which CA first and second years mix to tackle the big issues in advertising at the moment.

Things kicked off last week in style with a debate on the role of ETHICS IN ADVERTISING which led very nicely onto this week's topic AIRBRUSHING & RETOUCHING. So far no students have come to actual blows but as well as getting a clearer understanding of the sides of an argument they may not have considered before they have also had a solid workout of their verbal persuasion skills.

In the New Year students will be taking things a step further in a series of competitive debates that will really test their ability to PERSUADE when they put year groups aside and compete for prizes. Which team will SELL their idea in the most effective way?

We'll update you here when we find out...