Where are they now? Sophie Yeoman

Sophie Yeoman graduated from the Creative Advertising programme in 2010 and now works as a Production Assistant at FOAM Agency. Here's how she describes her role:

'I am currently a Production Assistant at FOAM Agency, an in-house creative agency for Sony Music Entertainment Ltd.

'Basically, I make stuff for a living – all the weird and wonderful ideas that my Creative Directors Steve Milbourne & Phil Clandillon come up with, get passed onto me to bring to life, whether its building circuit boards, painting tins, building worlds or programming games, they need it done. I figure out a way to do it. Work feels like play school and I get to go to free gigs too! 

'I've recently completed a number of projects including Live Football Gaming with Kasabian and Darren Bent (recently featured on Sky's Soccer AM) where my role was to built all the tech. I stitched all the 'light up' headbands by hand, I build and soldered the Arduino electronic kits from scratch and helped program all the kits to respond to the guys playing the game.'

Sophie carrying out live repairs

Kasabian's Tom Meighan and England's Darren Bent control the action

 The match taking place 

The match itself

Behind the scenes of the experiment 

Sophie has also been Production Assistant on recent videos for Tanya Lacey and EMiL.

This all sounds really exiting, Sophie – many thanks for the update.
A great example of the wide range of creative jobs that the graduates from the Creative Advertising programme land.