Tone of voice workshops

Level three student Ruby writes:

"Last week level 3 students were once again treated to a workshop run by a visiting guest lecturer, this time from award winning copywriter Mike Waudby (there’s a lot of Mikes around here!). With three very intense briefs set over one very full day, it was a revitalising change of pace, in that oh-my-god-I-think-my-brain-just-melted type way.

Each brief was aimed at a very specific target market: a £60,000+ Range Rover; The Dogs Trust; and Poundland – all comparative products with distinct market differences. We all benefited from revisiting the incredibly important areas of tone of voice and target markets, combined with further practice in the all important discipline of copywriting.

In the process, we all came up with some pretty neat ideas to develop for our folios.

Thanks to Mike for coming all the way from Cardiff. We really appreciate it."

Check out his website: