Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Last week saw Dave Morris, real living Jedi Master of Advertising, run three workshops for the third year, this time all about 'human truth'.

Young Josh Dando (his impatient ways cloud his judgement) has written this for us....

"This week we were blessed once again with a Dave Morris advertising workshop. We've seen Dave twice before, and knew we were in for something special.

"But in my opinion and many others, this visit was extra special. The topic for this workshop was human truths. Prior to the big day we were asked to come prepared with long copy recruitment ad for one of nine unusual activities, clubs, holidays etc etc and a selection of human truths on different topics.

"The workshop began with us presenting our recruitment ads. Dave did his best to salvage some positives, but generally it wasn't the best start to the day! However, this all picked up when it came to reading out our truths.

"The brilliant thing about human truths is their realness, their true insight into the lives of us odd little creatures. So on numerous occasions the group errupted into laughter, conversation and general banter. Favourites including:

"Why do we always insist on getting the petrol bang on the price... £10.01 is a genuine disaster!?
Why do we always flick through our inbox or fake a phone call in awkward situations!?
Why do parents always call you the name of your brothers, sisters, pets... before getting to your actual name!?

"This then lead to us considering how these truths could be placed into an advert to sell a product.
A bit of backwards advertising. The outcome proved a success. For most.
As well as all this the day consisted of watching TV, worshipping Dave and ad sweepstakes.
What more could you ask for?

Big thanks to Dave, for once again passing on his wisdom to us minions."

Friday, 4 December 2009

Third year students Pete and Ollie write:

Yesterday Fergal from D&AD visited the third years to speak about the upcoming Student Awards a.k.a THE BIG ONE, TICKET TO PARADISE and THE HOLY GRAIL.

The lecture was really useful: he explained how the work was judged, showed us previous winners (and why they won) and gave us a few tips on how to approach a D&AD brief, or any brief for that matter.

We all left with a feeling that it’s now time to step-up a gear and hopefully a few teams from Lincoln will receive the much-coveted pencil!

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Creative Advertising students have been flexing their mental muscles over the past two weeks with the first in a series of 'Great Debates' in which CA first and second years mix to tackle the big issues in advertising at the moment.

Things kicked off last week in style with a debate on the role of ETHICS IN ADVERTISING which led very nicely onto this week's topic AIRBRUSHING & RETOUCHING. So far no students have come to actual blows but as well as getting a clearer understanding of the sides of an argument they may not have considered before they have also had a solid workout of their verbal persuasion skills.

In the New Year students will be taking things a step further in a series of competitive debates that will really test their ability to PERSUADE when they put year groups aside and compete for prizes. Which team will SELL their idea in the most effective way?

We'll update you here when we find out...

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Last week the Level 2 students took a trip down to London to visit four different but equally interesting advertising agencies.

Group A visited Karmarama in the morning and Inferno in the afternoon whilst Group B saw Saatchi & Saatchi X and Touch DDB. Each agency had its own unique approach to producing work which demonstrated to us all the great variety of agencies that make up the contemporary advertising industry.

Our hosts made us all very welcome which made the trip fun as well as informative. Special thanks should go out to Ant Melder at Saatchi & Saatchi X, Tim Palmer at Inferno, Dave Buonaguidi & Arjun Singh at Karmarama and Vix Jagger at Touch DDB. Arranging visits like these in working agencies is far from easy and the work that was put into the presentations was much appreciated.

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