Boxman: Begins (living the product)

Level 1 on the Creative Advertising sees a lot of curious things: thinking in new and different ways; learning new approaches to creativity; identifying opportunities; and thinking outside the box. Here's a project where 'thinking outside the box' has been taken to a whole new level. Over to CA lecturer Justin Tagg:-

"Being creative doesn't have to stop when the brief does. In fact, the brief is merely a starting point. But how do you really get to know the product or character you are working with?

"To understand a man, you've got to walk a mile in his shoes"
Ancient Proverb

"Sometimes you have to 'live' the product to fully understand it so when asked to produce a narrative structure for a new hero which highlighted that hero's strengths, level one Creative Advertising students Matt Parsons and Jacob Frisby went beyond the brief to get as far inside the mindset of their new character 'Boxman' as possible and in turn created a whole new phrase:

"To understand a man, you've got to walk a mile in his cardboard shoes" Matt Parsons and Jacob Frisby

"They went 'that extra mile' and created Boxman himself! This gave them a significantly clearer vision for their storyboards and other character considerations. By living the product they gave birth to a fully realised character and one of the best fancy dress costumes of all time!

"Boxman has since been seen parading around Lincoln University saving lives, searching for his true identity and putting right what once went wrong, in the hope that his next leap may be the leap home.
Check out these classic Boxman poses here..."
Boxman is a hero but underneath he is just a man,
a man destined to walk the earth alone...

Boxman enforcing things that require enforcement... with force.