Dave Morris Strategy Masterclass

Creative Advertising teaching legend Dave Morris made a welcome return during the last week of December to run a 'strategy workshop' with the Level 3 students.

Dave makes a point.

Dave, who has taught many well known advertising creatives, took a break from his photography and showed the students why he is so highly regarded in the advertising community.

The students were split up from their usual partnerships and put into mini agencies made up of three people. Each agency was tasked with persuading a particular audience to consider trying their product or service. Adverts weren’t required - just strong, persuasive arguments. In Dave’s words 'You have to make them believe that what you are offering is the best thing since sliced bread!'.

A 'mini agency' present their idea.

The day was based around speeding up ideas generation and demonstrating the importance of critiquing work as if you are a creative director; as well as getting the students to engage more in peer review. The workshop taught new ways to approach briefs and we’re sure to see the benefits of it over the coming weeks.

Thanks Dave! Looking forward to seeing you in Lincoln again very soon.