Superbrief Thursday!

Last Thursday saw the Level 2 University of Lincoln Creative Advertising students take part in the legendary Superbrief Day.

Superbrief Day involves the students being set a brief and working on it for just one hour; the solutions being critiqued and then immediately having another brief following the same timescale. This pattern carries on all day with only a short break for lunch.

By the end of the day the students (and staff!) feel a little frazzled but they also get used to coming up with ideas very quickly as well as learning how to focus on the most important aspects of a brief.

Although incredibly demanding, this year's Level 2 Superbrief Day was a resounding success with the students, who could clearly see the benefits of working in such a focused and rapid way.

'So what you're saying is...'

Speed is of the essence

Here comes the third brief of the day...

Life in the fast lane