End of Year Show Build 2011

Every year, it is with great sorrow that we demolish our teaching studio to leave space to construct the end of year show.

But as soon as it is done, the building begins and the studio evolves into an entirely new place.

Thirty five hands on deck and around eighty boards to fashion into walls to hold A0 poster prints and portfolios full of exciting new work.

Working in teams of two/four the walls go up smoothly and the floor is protected ready for the next stage.

Of course, like any good construction job. If you peep behind the scenes you will see the organised chaos lying just beneath the surface.

Though the build itself continues at a great pace with painting, re-painting, scraping and sanding (not in this order).

Always under the watchful eye of 'Big Brother'

text reads: 'Gyles is Watching'

Folks say this is the most efficient job they've ever worked on. Folks aren't half wrong. The whole thing went up two days ahead of schedule.

Giving a few extra hours for 'Advertisers of the Future' to finish their work and hang it before the whole space is locked down for assessment.

What had been a hive of activity now lies empty. Student's are banished and, aside from the work itself, the only evidence they were ever here...

... is the light box laying in the corridor.

Despite closing the studio, hiding the desks and stacking the chairs...

A passionate creative will always find somewhere to work.