Where are they now? Brooke & Ruud

Creative team Brooke Cutmore & Ruud Kool graduated last year and moved to London. In her own words, this is Brooke's end of year report:-

'After finishing at Lincoln Uni, we basically worked every day, making, thinking, doing, critting, making, thinking, doing and critting some more, until we got our first placement at Inferno. We were there from the beginning of November until just before Christmas (which meant we got to go to the Christmas party - WOW!) and we worked on Nokia, Kiss FM and came up with the Father Kissmas Facebook app.

After Christmas we went out again and on our very next crit with Matt Keon (former Creative Director at Fallon) we had our next placement. We were at 18 Feet & Rising (a start-up that Matt, Jonathan Trimble and Tim Miller set up after leaving Fallon)
for just under 3 months, working on Selfridges and Lovefilm.

After finishing at 18 Feet & Rising, we then went back to see the first team we saw back when we were in second year at Lincoln. It turned out that Ben & Stu (creative directors at Mother) had set up their own agency called Creature (a London branch of the Seattle agency). After a chat and a flick through our book we started on 2nd May and have been here ever since.'

It sounds like it's going really well for this very talented team, doesn't it? Clearly they are working very hard but also working at some fantastic places. Keep up the good work guys...!