The CAbinet of Curiosities

We do a lot of unusual extra little things on the Creative Advertising course.
And here's one of them.

We found an old display case and have created the Creative Advertising Cabinet of Curiosities (or 'CAbinet...' – do you see what we did there?).

And we're going to display interesting things in it.

A rolling exhibition of oddities, if you will.

To start with, Gyles is exhibiting his collection of 1990s phonecards.

The accompanying text says:-

'Phonecards are, in effect, a form of currency. Here is an intriguing collection of changing designs from the 1990s that were used in the then ubiquitous public telephone box.

Displayed here are cards with commercial sponsorships; phonecards reserved for use in prisons; versions from Japan and France; different promotional techniques designed to encourage the use of the public phonebox and various joint ventures with different charities.'

Odd, certainly, but without a doubt, interesting.