Art direction workshop with Alex Taylor

The highly prestigious 'Tomato award'

The third year students were recently treated to a masterclass with the legendary art director, Alex Taylor. Alex's masterclass in Art Direction is a wonderful opportunity for students to work with one of the best Art Directors in town and focus on the essential craft of making ads look great and communicate effectively. The workshops are very cleverly structured but intense sessions that - without exception - leave the students energised and inspired to create engaging ads that get noticed. Alex is a fantastic tutor who knows how to get great results, third year student Laura Clark explains more.

'Alex got us excited about being Art Directors right from the beginning, by showing us her extraordinary work. She taught us that whilst you always need a good idea, fresh art direction can make an ad up to 70% more effective.

'We had all been asked to re-art direct some adverts before the workshop and Alex critiqued our work showing how we needed to be more dynamic with our layouts and be truly adventurous with our art direction. This made us eager to go back to the drawing board and 
do it all again.

'At the end of the session Alex awarded some of her prestigious tomato awards to those of us who had pushed our layouts the furthest and this was a great way to finish off the session. Overall she taught us to be ‘different’ with our art direction and not to be scared to break the rules occasionally, everyone one of us left that day inspired to be the very best Art Directors.'