Superbrief Day

Last week saw the Level 2 students undertake Superbrief Day where they worked on a number of briefs throughout the day with only a short break for lunch. There's no time to mess around when you've only got an hour to come up with an idea, followed by an intensive critique.....followed straight away by yet another brief! This goes on all day. It's very demanding.

This is the tough schedule that runs throughout Superbrief day and everyone who participated agreed that they got a lot out of it. When you've sometimes been working on a project for a week or two it's good to blow away the mental cobwebs with an intensive session like this.

It probably wouldn't be a good idea to work like this every day but putting variety into your working practice stops you getting complacent and keeps you fresh. So whilst we won't be doing Superbrief Day every week we will be coming up with plenty of other ways to keep things interesting.