Where are they now? Brooke & Ruud in Seattle

Brooke Cutmore & Ruud Kool graduated from the Creative Advertising programme in 2010 and now work at Creature, London. They've just returned from working at Creature's offices in Seattle. Here's Brooke to tell us more...

'We've been working at Creature, London for nine months now – working like crazy on pitch after pitch. As the agency is relatively new, it has meant a lot of long days and working weekends pitching for new business. The biggest and most exciting project that we're working on is for Adidas. After winning the account in December, it is now in production and you'll get to see the whole agency's handywork in April when the TV spots air. 

'Just before Christmas Ruud and I – with another creative called Tom – were given the opportunity to go work at Creature's American office in Seattle for 6 weeks. With only a week's notice we packed our bags and flew out on the 2nd January.

'It was an amazing experience – seeing not only how the Seattle version on Creature worked, but living and working in the USA was great. Plus they loved our British accents! Going there has definitely change my opinion of the West Coast and America. The best part was the people. There was a group of guys from the office that took care of us and took the time to show us around their city, taking us to the best little bars, cafés and restaurants. 

'We created a blog for the time we were out there, so go and check it out in more detail (if you want). 

'We're now back in London and have just completed another pitch, so fingers crossed we get this one too!"

Well, that's me jealous then. What a great adventure!
A great example of where the Lincoln's Creative Advertising programme can take you.