CA End of Year Show 2012

It's that time of the year again when our Third Year students on the Creative Advertising Programme get to show off their work to friends and family. Last years show was widely regarded to be the best one yet and if it is possible I think we may have topped it this year. 

So, stand by for a series of pictures from this years show and some wonderful examples of this year's student work.

As usual we began with a screening of the student's Self Promo film work (see below) before heading over for our private view of the advertising work in TPH. 

The bar was stocked full of drinks and being manned by 2nd year students who all knew that this time next year it will be their work on show!

We had a full house of enthusiastic parents and, as Senior Lecturer Mike Belton put it in his speech, not students but 'Fellow Advertising professionals'. The show was opened by Programme Leader Gyles Lingwood and there was a general sense of pride and excitement, knowing that the students gathered for their degree show had already begun plotting their first moves out into the industry. 

It is fair to say that one sentiment rings true about all students at this stage of their education on the Creative Advertising programme. They're not just smart, tenacious professionals. They're also lovely people, the kind you'd be happy spending some time with and trust they'll do a great job. 

We know that whatever they do next they are all capable of making an impact on the industry and a difference to the world around them. 

Senior Lecturer Mike Belton, beer in on hand, neatly typed speech in the other. 

A neat mix of CA Students, their friends and family.

The bar staff on standby as the crowds begin to arrive.

Take a look at a few of the pieces of work from this year's show, from posters to Self Promotional films. 

Every year Creative Advertising students from the University of Lincoln produce a self promotional film. There are a few reasons for this; it helps them to stand out, it can communicate something about their creative values or personality or set out a specific direction they want to take in their career.

This year there have been some wonderful examples of short video work that truly represents the characters of the students involved. So, sit back, relax and enjoy a selection of the films from this year's students.

Sam Daly and Rob Greaves

Janey Burgon

Matt Parsons and Chloe Middleton

Jade Sturman

Laura Clark and Elliott Starr

Philippa Beaumont and Artur Faria

Jack Patarou and Kelly Bugg

So, another year group has completed their journey on the Creative Advertising programme but we will continue to follow their progress with interest as they set off to make their impact on the industry.

And let's hope they think of us -

- whilst we set about rebuilding the studio for the arrival of a brand new first year and our returning second and third years!