First Years get ‘FUNdamental’

Here's a post from BA (Hons) Creative Advertising lecturer Brian Voce:–

Over the first three weeks our new students have been busy examining the essence of visual communication in the ‘FUNdamental Sessions’. 

They have been exploring the very basics of visual language and communication, investigating and discussing how line, colour, layout (composition) and type can communicate a message or association to an audience. 

Amongst the many ways they explored this were: drawing responses to music using only line; communicating feelings and emotions with only colour and shape; and investigating typography and type styles to visually illustrate the meaning of words. 

You can see some of their typographic experiments here (the ‘post its’ denote group favourites which we discussed and debated in greater depth). Thanks here to everyone for contributing to what became lively and informative discussions! 

We had interesting work and good ideas well done everyone.