An evening with TED

Level three student Lily Peters writes:-

This year the Creative Advertising Society has run several events bringing first, second and third years together. The latest of those events was a specially selected reel of inspirational talks, including many TED talks.

To open the show first year students first year students Joe Lovett and Jack Snell serenaded us all, with brilliant renditions of 'Are you gonna be my girl?' (Jet), 'Times like these' (Foo Fighters), ending with an uplifting 'Everybody Needs Somebody To Love (The Blues Brothers).

Jack & Joe with a fine performance (they're through to the live final)

The reel showed a variety of talks beginning with the late Steve Jobs' empowering speech from Stanford University in 2005. His speech rang inspiringly true, saying you should 'stay hungry, stay foolish' and 'never settle.'

The next clip to play was that entitled "No arms, no legs, no worries." It showed the wonderful work of inspirational speaker Nick Vujicic whose optimistic outlook on life is incredible and something we could all aspire to copy.

"A TED speaker's worst nightmare" followed where Colin Robinson creatively demonstrated the frustration of technology and how not being prepared can impede on presentations.

Next up was David Kelley's talk "How to build your creative confidence." He spoke of how once people are creatively crushed they often go on to give up ideas before they have a chance to grow, forgetting they have the potential to be creative.

The clip that followed challenged the restriction money brings to people who want to be professional creatives, asking "What if money didn't matter?" 

We then heard from Jill Bolte Taylor, who gave an incredibly insightful account of her experience of a stroke from the view of a scientist. She expressed how the left and right sides of her brain battled, showing how differently the world is seen without one or the other.

The reel ended with a video made by Ross Gardiner, who stressed the need to get off Facebook, explaining that who we are online isn't really us at all. If anything, in reality, we are much better.

Everyone who came along had something to take away from the reel, whether to aspire to be more, be happy, have creative confidence or to put the  so-called 'importance' of Facebook into perspective. It was an inspiring evening, which will hopefully become a regular event.