2nd Years work with 'sugru'

I'm sure the first question you have is. What is 'sugru'?

Well, take a look at this video for a lively introduction! 

For the next 5 weeks students from the 2nd year of the Creative Advertising course will be working on adding some energetic and insightful advertising thinking to sugru's already impressive product design.

In groups they will be working out who they think the target audience is, how they see sugru fitting into their lives and then producing a range of creative solutions to communicate that, from billboards to radio ads.

They'll then be presenting this work to sugru in two days of client presentations in March. 

To kick this project off, last Monday we had a live Skype briefing from James Carrigan (who you may recognise from the video above) who talked to us about the story of 'sugru', how it was invented, the long journey to turn it from a great idea into a great product and fielded a host of questions from the students. 

Here's what 2nd year Jenni Trotter had to say:

'I think it is safe to say none of us were sure as to what to expect from this mysterious 'superbrief', and I don't think any of us imagined 'sugru' to come along. 

After watching the 'What the flip is sugru?' video we experienced our first live briefing over Skype from James at sugru HQ. Encouraged by his enthusiasm for the product and even more so when we recieved our own packs of Sugru to play with, our 'superteams' were ready to go.

Now a week into project, momentum is as high as ever. We are all fuelled by the excitement of the chance to make something creative and interesting for such a great product.'

With such a short amount of time to produce a large amount of work the pressure is really on.

Check back in late March when we'll be updating you on the students progress during their live client presentations.