Second years visit Anomaly

The only way is up for Anomaly

There second year CA students recently visited a number of ad agencies as a way of familiarising themselves with the industry which was quite an eye opener for some. Agencies come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and it was a very good experience for the students who got to sample a small selection of the diversity of adland, Ellie Hogarth explains more.

Part of the philosophy you will find at Anomaly

No sausages

'November was hectic for CA students of all years. But for us second years, we were lucky, in amongst our many briefs we had the opportunity to visit London and a few advertising agencies, and what an opportunity it was. It was Friday the 29th and our day begun bright and early, we all made our own way to our first agency, most people daring to use the underground, but one student choosing to be a proper tourist and a travelling at the front of a double decker bus. By 9.40 we were all at Anomaly, waiting outside with high anticipation of what to expect from, what was for most, their very first agency visit.

Upon entering the agencies building we were greeted by a wall of creative quotes, scamped from top to bottom. This was a good start; it already seemed like an interesting place to work. Upon having a few minutes to enjoy the creative wall, we were ushered into tight lifts and taken to the agencies floor.

As the doors of the lift opened, we were greeted by a bright, warming red glow radiating from the hallway, which was painted strikingly, to say the least. We were then led into a boardroom to start the presentation.

The presentation started with Ben Moore telling us all about the company and its strategies. He told us how they really tried to be the “anomaly” of all of the agencies, providing a service completely different and surprising. Through a business like approach, and strong opinions on the direction that the industry is heading, they are a relatively new agency in the UK trying to make big waves, with bigger clients. The presentation carried on, and it was quite interesting, with him showing us the agencies best work, including work for Budweiser and Adidas. But for me, the more interesting part came when we got to speak to the creative pairPaul Mann and CA graduate Mike Cuthell. They are both freelance creative who were very open with us, providing first hand experience of the ups and downs and completely new perspectives on the industry. They reassured us that getting the job is possible, and that it is truly worth it. One particular reoccurring theme of the agency that really made me think was their questioning of the importance of the creative partnership roles. They suggested that the industry would evolve into a place that makes partnerships redundant. However, we soon came to realise that, different agencies have different philosophies when we visited Mother in the afternoon.'