A Call to a Creative Adventure

So what's this creativity thing all about? Is it about coming up with ideas?

Well, yes.

Is it about experimenting and trying new things. Yes, that too.

But something that is rarely discussed that is more powerful than any of this is TAKING ACTION. Without action ideas are not realised, without action mistakes are not made and without action those mistakes are not turned on their heads and crafted into opportunity.

We do take time here to help our students to be the kind of people who feel they can get off the sofa, with an idea in one hand and a suitcase in the other and just DO.

That's why we're incredibly proud of three Second year students, Tom Watkins, Matt Holmes and Carys Thomas who did just that; Took action to get a wild idea off the ground and in the process entered into a fabulous adventure.

Here's Tom Watkins to tell us more:

"We decided we wanted to go on an adventure and so we started to work out how we could explore Iceland on a student budget. 

We didn't have any more money, definitely not enough to go on the adventure we wanted.  

Together, we contacted travel agencies pitching them with an idea for a 'user video', a travelogue to capture the imagination of potential visitors and a couple of Skype chats and phone calls later we actually had a few offers, but one from was the most comprehensive, they managed to sponsor us for every activity we did in Iceland. All in return for the video, and photographs of our journey.

Even with the chaos of a volcanic eruptions and storms while we were there, they re-arranged excursions and got us a quite literally last minute notice ride on a helicopter tour. "

So, obviously, they're awesome. When they hit a problem they just found a solution, a way they could get the holiday of their dreams on their budget by figuring out what else they had to offer. True creative entrepreneurs. 

Here's the video and below are some stunning pictures taken as part of the trip.