Scamp's dead!

It is with great sadness that, during the process of setting this up, we've discovered that ScampBlog is no more (since June). One of the best creative advertising blogs in the industry, it was particularly useful for students and new creatives. It was written by Simon Veksner at BBH and became essential reading for students and graduates looking for a place to engage with the industry and fellow young creatives. Thank you SO much for the last 3 years Simon (707 posts) - I really hope that we don't have to wait too long for a blog to take its place that is as insightful, useful and energetic.

Even though it is no longer 'live', but still online, I would encourage all of you to have a good trawl of its content. There's a huge amount of very good advice here. It's not all bad news though: according to the last post much of Scamp's content is going to be published in a book next year. This promises to be very useful. Can't wait, Simon...

RIP Scamp - you will be fondly remembered.