Don’t Go to Uni!

A post from Ruby from level 3:

"Our first treat back as 3rd years, was a visit by Advertising legend Dave Morris, and in three groups, over three days we took part in intensive 1-day lecture/seminars. With the help of Sun Tzu’s The Art of War, and bribery (we all put a pound into a prize fund) he enticed us into selling the impossible.

Some of the subjects we had to promote were:

- Get men to wear cosmetics?

- Encourage Parents to smack their kids?

- Promote abstaining from sex until you’re 18?

- Encourage young people not to go to University.

No problem! A one minute presentation from each of us was followed by a discussion and critique of our work.

All this was interspersed with presentations from Dave, including a follow-up to one he gave last year on the ‘Creative Pyramid’, and an exercise in strategy with some great examples from past and present campaigns. At 5 o’clock Dave perked us up with the reminder that a pair of us would soon become £18 richer [the ‘put a pound in’ prize fund].

A vote cast on our reworked ideas, which saw a team from each of the three groups go away with the prize money and their colleagues esteem!"

Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby - Level 3