Let's go to the cinema!

This morning in Screen 8 at Lincoln's Odeon, 1st and 2nd years were treated to a lecture on 'Sound in Storytelling', delivered by lecturer Justin Tagg.

Justin used the Odeon as a great backdrop to magnify the whole lecture experience whilst students listened to/watched diverse audio and visual examples ranging from Premier League football matches and Alfred Hitchcock's 'The Birds' to the way psychologists build rapport and how sound enforces the illusion of visual storytelling.

It all came together to form an incredibly entertaining picture of how all information informs the story of our world and how sound can work to improve effective communication! Or when ignored... destroy it!

At the end there was also a big round of applause for The Odeon cinema who were heavily heavily involved in the event along with specific thanks to John, the projectionist and Gordon, the manager of the Odeon.

What a brilliant event.