Does advertising make you old?

The themed parties that the Creative Advertising students organise are becoming somewhat legendary.

It all started last year when the then-second year Dutch students (Pieter, Ruud, Stefan, Annelies, Bart and Jan) created and organised "Lincoln Ink". The fantastic poster looked like this:

They then organised the brilliantly titled 'I Am Sterdam' party:

But then, in November last year, they topped it all (they're now third years and can do things so much better!) with 'Lincoln Ink 2' and these 'already classic' posters:

It was tattoos all round (well, permanent markers actually!) as shown by Maria and Pieter...

And, by all accounts, last week's party was no different.

The third years have been under immense pressure recently with a heavy workload combined with the burden of great expectation from the tutors. The consequence of this was evident on Wednesday evening as the vast majority of the third year ventured out to celebrate the completion of D&AD competition entries as well as Brooke's birthday.

As you can see from these photos they were looking considerably old and haggard...

Apparently, the Post Office was very quiet on Thursday morning as very few of them were able to collect their pensions due to one too many sherries the night before.

I know its a cliché but this is clear evidence that the students on the Creative Advertising programme know what's meant by 'work hard, play hard'. Nice.