NABS eases the transition from degree to employment

The advertising industry is very lucky and unique > it has NABS.

NABS is the support organisation for the advertising industry that offers a range of initiatives designed to help graduates get into their foot in the door of the business. And it does all this as a non-profit-making charity.

Senior Creative Careers Coach, Alistair Proctor came to Lincoln today and spoke to the third years. He offered some very practical and useful advice on book crits, placements, and ultimately, successful creative advertising careers.

He told us how NABS can support graduates as they look for that elusive break into the industry and gave advice about creative teams, the importance of book crits, different types of advertising agencies, digital media, placement do's and dont's, the value of asking and listening, getting involved in everything outside advertising and staying in touch with each other as Lincoln alumni following graduation.

Some very useful advice indeed and very well received.

Thanks so much for visiting us in Lincoln, Alistair. We look forward to seeing you again soon.