It's assessment time!

Whilst the third years were busy rearranging the studio, building the show, painting everything black and hanging their work, the staff team were assessing the first and second years, followed by individual feedback tutorials.

And now, finally, we're onto the big one: the final assessment for the third years.

The area is sealed off to everyone but the assessors and final grades are being discussed, discussed again, and finally being decided on. There's a lot to do as we read essays, look at support work (research into products / target audience / ideas that never made it /development of ideas) and pour over the final ads and campaigns. It's a very important time and so we take our time, consider and question everything.

The course external examiner Chris Waite (who runs the MA Creative Advertising course at Falmouth) visits us in the middle of next week, so we'd better get a move on.

No pressure.