Show theme revealed...!

The level 3 final-year-show is SO nearly finished!

And, for the first time, we can reveal that the title of the show is "33 Paths to Advertising Nirvana".

Each of the teams/singles have creatively named and explained their own personal advertising 'belief system' - explaining the way of working that helps them achieve advertising enlightenment, as it were. After all, we're all trying to reach the same advertising goal of creating great ads, but we all follow different paths to get there.

At the start of last week the students were photographed as the 33 different leaders of their particular creative organisiations in their chosen uniform/costume. And very cool/weird/frightening/amusing they looked too (delete as appropriate).

All of a sudden the show theme brilliantly began to come to life. As you'll see in these few shots from the photoshoot...

The leaders of the 'Seekers of the Lost Laugh' organisation

Founders of the world-famous 'Practitioners of Speed'

The feared leader of the 'Defacers of the Subordinate'

The original founder of the 'Restless Travellers of the Ever-winding Path'

The respected 'Soldiers of the Eternal List'

The leaders of the The Sugaristics Society

The Temple of the Divine Balance

And then it was time to hang the work...

Thursday and Friday last week saw students armed with spirit-levels, sticky fixers and sweaty hands to hang their work onto the black display boards as you can see in the following photos:

It's looking REALLY good. Just the finishing touches and the hanging portfolios to go and it's all done.

The end is nigh...