Where are they now? Jenna & Emma

Jenna and Emma meet Ronnie.

Jenna Thomas and Emma Brown who graduated from the Lincoln Creative Advertising course in June 2010 have been keeping themselves very busy in adland recently. The girls have done a series of placements at various ad agencies and have just completed a big campaign with comedy legend Ronnie Corbett that airs for the first time today. The finished campaign was the culmination of a lot of hard work and has been a fantastic experience for them.

Emma looking the part on set

This is what Jenna has to say about their recent project:-

"Emma and I started placement at an agency called DCH (part of Doner), in March this year. Being quite a small agency, this worked to our advantage as we were able to get stuck in on most briefs that came through. Examples: Fuller’s Beer (London Pride, ESB, Red Fox), Saint Agur, Nikon and Alfa Romeo. We were asked to work on a brief back in March for Wiltshire Farm Foods, an account the agency was pitching for."

Ronnie hits his mark.

"Wiltshire Farm Foods is a company that deliver frozen meals to elderly people across the UK. TV executions, press ads, online and direct mail concepts were required. Advertising to an older age group was quite challenging – executions have to be quick with simple straightforward explanations otherwise old people just won’t understand. Having worked on the brief for a few weeks and being in many tissue meetings, our route was chosen to go to pitch. After a lot of research and reworking the client eventually chose DCH as their agency with the route that we had worked on."

A film crew marches on its stomach.

"It has been such a wonderful experience. We’ve been involved throughout the whole process from casting to editing. Working on the idea, going out with the Wiltshire Farm Foods' driver, meeting the director, casting, going on shoot and now the editing stage. After months of working up scripts it has been quite surreal seeing the idea we put on paper and visualised in our heads, actually coming to life. And with the added extra of Ronnie Corbett being in the ads makes it that little bit more special."

It's a wrap.

"We chose Ronnie as he brings a lot of warmth and humour. Advertising aimed at elderly people is often quite depressing and we wanted to steer clear of that. Air date is 1st October for the TV ads – 2x 30s and 2x 40s. We’re absolutely loving it!"

The whole process of getting a TV campaign through to final production is very complex and the odds are stacked against a script making it this far, so it's great that the girls have had the chance to put their skills into action.

So, well done Jenna & Emma, we're really looking forward to seeing the ads when they air for the first time today. Bravo!