Remember My Name

Each year group is sent a project to throw themselves into over the Summer with the knowledge that during the first teaching week that work will be critiqued. This critique sets the tone for the whole year.

This years second year had been working hard on the brief 'Remember My Name', in which they have to make sure the tutors who have not taught them previously can match their name to their face... and remember it for weeks to come!

They can surprise us, involve us, use whatever medium they wish but it is not enough to just answer the brief, the work must also stand out.

We had students dressed as tigers, cakes with the student's faces on, competitions, music videos and one bold chap even shaved his name into his own chest.

These were all solid efforts and whilst they worked, there were a couple of pieces which really stood out and were not only memorable but something we wanted to see again, take a copy of and show to other people.

If you want to see how this brief went last year, take a look at this video from last year