London ad agency visits

We recently took the Level 2 students to visit four high profile and very contrasting advertising agencies in London. We always try to make the level 2 agency trip encompass as wide a range of agencies as possible and we certainly managed to live up to that aim this year.

First up in the morning for group A was a trip to the biggest agency of them all: AMV BBDO. Level two strudent Liam Nicholson explains how the visit went:

'We were greeted in the boardroom by two very polite creatives Milo Campbell and Sonny Adorjan. They spoke to us about their intriguing journey into advertising and inspired us with a screening of an AMV BBDO show-reel and 'The Process' (aka designing the stop sign) which gives a humorous insight into the client/creative relationship. As well as showing us some of their work, Sonny and Milo also spoke about the type of integrated campaigns and digital work, which creative directors like to see in a student portfolio. The highlight of the visit however, was when Paul Brazier, the executive creative director at AMV BBDO and former president of D&AD, enlightened us on the creative process and gave us advice on how to make it in Adland, all in his brilliant Brummie accent.'

Stood outside AMV BBDO, having just met ad legend Paul Brazier

Getting the chance to meet someone as high profile as Paul doesn't come around too often and the advice that he gave to the students was all the more well received because of it. AMV is a large and impressive place to visit and was a great motivation for everyone.

Whilst Group A were visiting AMV, Group B were being hosted by creative giants, Mother. Level 2 student Sophie Macdonald explains how the visit went:

'We had the amazing opportunity to visit Mother London and considering the reputation that Mother London has, it was no surprise to walk into what looked like an art gallery.'

Inside the offices of Mother.

'After seeing Mother's unconventional and fantastic ground floor we were then shown upstairs where we were introduced to the famous 250ft concrete desk. We sat down with Dan, Craig and Ben who gave us lots of advice concerning portfolio's and the hard work that needs to be put in, they also showed us some great work and ran a very insightful Q and A session to round off our visit.'

Get me the number of Mother's interior decorator.

So that was the morning taken care of and it was now time for Group A to visit one of the newer agencies in London - Creature.

Level 2 student Lily Peters explains more:

'On our agency visit trip to London, we were fortunate enough to meet with Stu Outhwaite, previously C.D at Mother and now a partner of fledging agency Creature. Creature is a vibrant, creatively focused agency and Stu shared key information on how to enter the Ad world, driving home the fact that networking and contacts are essential in order to get your foot in the door. Creature had an incredibly friendly vibe and Ruud Kool - a Lincoln graduate - was able to join us and shed a more recent light on life as a post-grad Creative.'

'Having the opportunity to be within an agency environment and meeting Stu was highly motivational for us all. Creature has a very exciting feel to it and it was wonderful to visit such a new agency and meet with a successful creative who had once been in our shoes.'

The group that had previously visited Mother also visited industry heavyweight JWT in the afternoon.

Sophie Macdonald tells us more:

'As we entered the reception at JWT the walls were covered with bicycles which made the agency feel like a very cool place to work.'

'We were greeted by Senior Creative Miles Bingham who provided us with huge amounts of advice and information about the industry and went on to show us some of the adverts that he had worked on. He also gave us advice on what would happen during a work placement at an agency and what to do when dealing with big clients.'

'Miles gave us an idea of how an ad comes to life with the 'hard slog' that goes into it. He was very passionate about the work that he had produced and about working in advertising. He gave us an honest and uplifting talk about the ups and downs in the industry and at the end of his presentation he gave us his email in case we needed future help and advice.'

Phew. Quite an exhausting but very rewarding trip.

A very big THANK YOU to all of the agencies and individuals who took time out of their busy schedules to see us. Visiting an ad agency is always inspirational as well as educational and this trip proved to be no different. Here's to the next one.