Copywriting workshop with David Sandhu

Professional copywriter David Sandhu paid a visit to our third years last week in order to sharpen up their copywriting skills. David has a great deal of experience in the field of professional writing and has worked across a number of areas including editorial and design as well as advertising. So with competition deadlines looming and the end of year assessments on the horizon David’s workshop was very timely for the level three copywriters. Third year Jade Sturman explains how the day went.

“David's workshop was interesting and engaging and we participated in a number of exercises throughout the day. We tried a range of writing techniques in order to help us focus on the essence of a brand and find it’s tone of voice. David also encouraged us to explore and concentrate on our ambitions as copywriters and after this we were encouraged us to share our thoughts with the group. The various exercises David set were fun as well as challenging. Overall the whole workshop was a very useful and enjoyable experience.”