The Dissertation Dinner Party

A key part of the Creative Advertising programme's level three is the dissertation. Following the stress, strain and overwhelming sense of relief once it had been submitted for assessment, the students chose to let their hair down by doing 'Come Dine With Me' on a big scale. So, all round to Portuguese student Artur Deyneuve's house to sample his fine culinary skills....!

Here's level three student Philippa Beaumont to tell you more:-

'It wasn't just a 'dissertation celebration', it was a chance for the guests to experience the food of Portugal and enjoy a cultural injection into our typical Lincoln lives.

It's all in the preparation

'We were transported to the Mediterranean for an evening full of good food, good wine and great company. It was one of the most relaxing and sophisticated of our social gatherings! Everyone was full of chatter and a specially chosen playlist got everyone in the relaxed spirit. The evening had a really friendly feel to it and just highlighted how the Creative Advertising programme is more like a community than just a university course.

One of the dishes demonstrating Artur's impressive cooking skills

'Guests were treated to five amazing dishes, including stuffed peppers, spicy chicken, crostinis and, probably the favourite of the evening, bread stuffed with peppers, cheese, bacon and mushrooms.

'The dinner party provided a much needed cultural escape from the workload of the third year, whilst reminding everyone of how lucky we have to have such supportive course mates!

'As the Portugese say, "Bom Apetite!"

Thanks Philippa. Sounds like you all had a great evening.

The Lincoln Creative Advertising programme has a wide range of UK, European and International students creating a vibrant and stimulating mixed cultural creative community. There are so many benefits....including new culinary adventures!