Water, Water Everywhere live brief

Last week we tried something a bit different (we have a bit of habit of doing that).

Ben Kay – creative director of MAL London, author and advertising blogger – asked the third year's to suggest ideas for Water Water Everywhere's next activity.

Water Water Everywhere believe that bottled water is an unnecessary strain on the environment and making tap water widely available they can ensure that everyone gets the water they need for a fraction of the cost to themselves and the planet.

So, we decided to run a one-day project. Ben (working in London) briefed the students by Skype and at the end of the day the student's uploaded their work so Ben could review it.

Ben briefing and doing his best impression of Max Headroom
(Don't know what I'm talking about? Google it.)   

Ben then ran a Skype feedback session the following week and along with all the excellent advice and feedback that he gave to each student about their work, it was great to hear that he'd chosen Matt Parson's and Chloe Middleton's idea to take into production!

It's great to get the programme and the students involved in a project with such high ethical, sustainable and environmental credentials. Thank you SO MUCH Ben for all your time, enthusiasm and feedback.

And we're really looking forward to seeing the final ad.

A Skype group critique. Is this the future?