Gyles speaks at business events

Last week Creative Advertising programme leader Gyles Lingwood spoke to local businesses as part of the Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce's networking lunch at the Holiday Inn Express, Lincoln.

Gyles gave two 20 minute talks to the delegates. The first talk was titled 'Essentials For Effective Idea Generation' in which Gyles explored themes such as unexpected combinations; actively seeking inspiration; the necessity of failure; the working environment; collaborating with 'energisers'; and the importance of sharing ideas.

The second talk was titled 'The Value of Creative People – the relationship between the art and design graduate and business'. Gyles looked at the highly desirable transferrable skills of art and design graduates including communication, collaboration, originality, developing solutions and initiative, accompanied by a very visual and audio presentation.

Gyles in full speaking mode

Gyles was invited to talk at this event following his well received talk at the Lincolnshire Business Convention in October 2011, featuring keynote speaker Tim Smit – co-founder of the Eden Project in Cornwall. Hosted by BBC Lincolnshire's Melvyn Prior, the theme of the event was 'The Power of Ideas' and Gyles was one of four speakers that spoke to the 100+ delegates about invigorating and inspiring local business through innovation.

There'll be questions later to see who was paying attention.

Gyles with Tim Smit and Vee Gururajan of Branston Potatoes

Brandishing his favourite book by James Webb Young,
Gyles discusses the proceedings with the BBC's Melvyn Prior