Ad agency London week for level 3 - part 1

The week before the Easter break, Lincoln's level three Creative Advertising students went to London for a full week to fully engage with the advertising industry. In total ten very different agencies were visited:-

But this wasn't just about visiting the agencies and happily listening to some nice talks. Oh no - this was about doing work, being under pressure, impressing and learning! Some agencies set a brief a couple of days before the visit and critiqued the work at the agency whilst others set a brief in the morning and critiqued it at the end of the day.

Over the next few days, the students will blog about their experiences (with a few photos).

First up, student Jemma Gower tells us about Albion:

'To start off our crazy week visiting agencies we popped into Albion on Monday morning to review the work we produced for Dax Wax, a brief they had set a few days before. Pip, her creative partner Andrew and fellow creative Jack welcomed us into the world of Albion. 

'In turn we presented our work to the creatives and the rest of the group followed by feedback on each and every piece of work. It was great to produce work for an agency, I think it made us all try that little bit harder because we all wanted to impress.

'After the work had been discussed Pip, Andrew and Jack answered all our questions. This was really helpful as they gave some great advice on making it in the industry. Visiting Albion really gave us the feel of the agency; to see whether we could see ourselves there; and it also gave us something to compare to for the rest of the week.' 

And now, student Kelly Bugg about Iris:

'Iris is an international agency and at only 12 years old they are relatively new to the industry. However, they still have some impressive clients: Barclaycard, Sony Ericsson, Volkswagen, etc. The area in which they work is large and open plan with a friendly, calm atmosphere. They offer their employees many opportunities one of which is called a ‘life swap’; this is where you can swap with a creative pair from an Iris in another country for up to three months - so if you fancy trying something different they will make it possible for you.

'They also do fun little things within the agency such as chocolate fountains, nights out, and recently for the clocks being put forward; they allowed their employees to come in one hour later, so they get an extra hour in bed!

'Iris was very friendly and welcoming and you could feel the passion they have for their work as soon as you talked to someone. You also get the sense that they really want to help young creatives get into the industry and they seem very willing to help out and give you their time.'

Outside Iris

More reports and photos to follow over the next few posts...