Ad agency London week for level 3 - part 2

To continue the reports from level 3 Creative Advertising students following their recent week of visiting some of the best advertising agencies in London...

...student Maria Sousa tells us about Mother:-

The group at Mother

'On the Tuesday during London Week, we visited prestigious ad agency Mother. We arrived first thing in the morning, eager and ready to get stuck in and soak up all the Mother-Magic we could. 

'We were greeted by Craig Ainsley and Dan Broadwood, who then briefed us on our task for the day: to advertise tea to teenagers. We then worked on the brief in our teams all day and had them ready to be critiqued in the afternoon. Dan and Craig were extremely helpful and discussed each of our ideas, giving us all advice that would certainly improve our work. 

'All in all, the trip to Mother was an injection of wonderful inspiration and motivation, and a lesson to us all about what it really means to push an idea further.'

And here's student Mel Webb reporting back from AMV BBDO:-

The group outside AMV BBDO

'We entered the very impressive AMV BBDO. We were greeted by Andy and Jim, a senior creative team, who welcomed us into the 'Snug' which we were kindly given to work in all day. They set us a brief, asking us to work on EDF Energy, something they had personally been working on for a year. 

'They asked us to create a big idea for the energy company – something which would make people like them. They advised us to consider who we were talking to within households. How you could get people to switch and to think about creating a warm, comforting tone?

'This was a very challenging brief, however in the crit at the end of the day Jim and Andy said they were impressed with our insights and strategic thinking. This is something we heard frequently during the week ... Go Lincoln! 

Lincoln students take over the 'Snug' at AMV BBDO for the day

'After the crit, Andy and Jim showed us their own work as well as kindly staying into the evening to give us some fantastic advice on how to make it in Adland. A brilliant end to an interesting, challenging and incredibly motivating day.'

Senior creative team Andy & Jim give feedback on the day's work

Listening to advice and criticism

More reports of the level 3 London week tomorrow...