One Direction campaign by Lincoln graduates

Creative team Pete Ioulianou & Ollie Agius graduated from the University of Lincoln's Creative Advertising programme in 2010 and work at Archbald Ingall Stetton in London. Back in November last year they came back to Lincoln and gave the third years some great advice.

Recently, Pete & Ollie produced a campaign to promote teen-band One Direction and the campaign picked up an IAB Campaign Showcase award this month.

Here's Pete to tell you more...

'This project was a beast. Everyday, all-day for 7 weeks. And by the end of it we knew everything there was to know about teenage girls (about 8 years too late!).

'The brief was to turn One Direction from X Factor runners-up into the number one boy band in the world.

'So we created an interactive story-telling platform. A seven-week 24/7 escapade, on and offline, for fans to engage with.

'It started with a character called 1DCyberpunk. A 1D mega-fan who gets her paws on the band’s production laptop containing all the new songs, artwork, videos, etc. To win it back, fans faced 50 challenges in 50 days, sending them running, clicking, snipping and dancing in order to Save The 1Day.'

Click on the above screenshot to view the campaign video

Thanks chaps. The campaign has now been entered into Cannes, so fingers crossed!