London week - Inferno

Following on from the last post, here's a student review of the third year's recent visit to Inferno.

Inferno - Sean Parmenter

When you walk into a building and even before you get yourself through the front door you can hear a classic 80’s number one playing, then you know that day is going to be a good one. The building used to be an old bank and had a wonderfully unique feel to it. I immediately felt at home, relaxed and ready to go.

You can judge an agency from what it's boardroom chairs are like: comfy, leather and reclining, they even had wheels! This was a good sign. Feeling accepted was key and that is exactly what Inferno did, talked to us like we have worked there for years not just students who have come for the day.

After working in numerous coffee shops for six hours we returned to Inferno at the end of the day for the crit. Everyone was in a silent yet confident mood. I wouldn’t class it as a crit - it was more of a chance to discuss and evolve an idea. In fact the only thing to worry about was getting in the way of someone trying to play pool!

Overall my experience of Inferno was fantastic. I do wish we had been able to work in the agency for the day but I understand that Inferno had lots of work on, so space was limited. The worst part of the day was having to leave the free beer that was offered because my lift arrived! Hey ho.