Anyone for a Baileys?

Claire & Maria's new Baileys commercial.

Claire & Maria are keeping up the pace at BBH and have recently completed a very nice piece of work for Baileys which is just going on air in South America. Here's how the ad came about in the girls own words.

"The aim of this brief was to encourage women in South America to consider adding Baileys to their coffee. This was a hard task because it's trying to introduce a completely new behaviour. So we went round the houses for about three months before finally arriving at an idea that we felt was simple and elegant.

As it's a simple idea, we wanted to do everything we could to make this film as artistic and beautiful as possible. We worked with up and coming directors Tell No One and some great people at BBH to make it happen. For the track, we wanted to find something minimal that would let the visuals stand out, but also something a bit different that would give such delicate imagery a bit of edge. Overall we're really pleased with how this one looks and have continued learning a lot along the way."