Leo Burnett welcomes the second years

Outside Leo's and their world-famous sign

Following on from Abi's report about the visit to Ogilvy, here's Emily Walker's report from the recent level 2 visit to Leo Burnett:–

“We were welcomed with open arms to Leo Burnett by Elliot Starr (copywriter and creative partner to Laura Clarke – another successful Lincoln Creative Advertising grad team).

Excitedly waiting in reception

It's a VERY stylish place

“Elliott had arranged a detailed ‘who’s who’ at the agency and we listened to some great talks by Gus – Account Manager; Lorna – Planning; JJ – Creative Director; and Elliott – Creative.

Listening to the four impressive presentations
(in an equally impressive meeting room!)

“All the talks were witty, informative and all four of the speakers seemed genuinely happy to be working for such a friendly, successful company. The talks were very insightful and inspiring and we were given lots of information into the different roles at an advertising agency. It was very clear how much everyone worked together in order to produce such fantastic work.

“They showed us examples of the great work the agency has created over the past few years. We all walked out of the meeting room with huge smiles on our faces and heads buzzing with excitement. It really was an excellent visit.

Elliott leaves the students with some inspiring words of wisdom

Apples have become a symbol for Leo Burnett ever since Leo Burnett put out a bowl of apples at reception when he opened his doors in the middle of the Great Depression. Opening in the middle of the Great Depression caused a lot of talk and people said it would not be long before Leo Burnett would be selling apples on the street. Apples continue to be a symbol of Leo Burnett’s hospitality and success throughout the years.

A huge thanks to Elliott for organising this. Another fine example of the Lincoln alumni working it's magic in the advertising industry.