The Greatest Debate

  Fantastic video of the event by San Ngan, Shaun Maclennan and Olamide Soyemi

Every year we run a pretty wonderful event. It's called The Great Debate and it goes a little like this…

The CA Great Debate

All of the First Years and Second Years are put into pairs/threes in their respective year groups. Two weeks before the event they are given five questions, each of which could have a Yes or No response.

Harry tries using his psychic abilities to win his debate

But here's the hook. The Great Debate is a knock-out tournament consisting of five rounds.

Carys gets into the swing of things, whilst Callum listens to the latest sports results

It is judged by Third Years and the students competing will not find out which questions is in which round until just before that round begins.

Elly forgets the question and, instead, describes the world's largest tomato

But more than that, they will not find out which side of the debate they must fight for until seconds before the match begins, giving them a moment or two to look at their notes before battles commences.

Debating on a grand scale

So it's all about understanding not only your argument, but also the perspective of your opponent. You have to, because the only way to win is by having a truly rounded understanding of all sides of each topic.

This year, it was the First Years who claimed glory and whilst we must congratulate Jag from the Creative Advertising Second Year who performed brilliantly to reach the final, our biggest applause is reserved for Carys Thomas, Stefan Renton and Callum Wright who won with a unanimous vote to claim the win.

Thanks to everybody involved for making it the best one yet and particular thanks also go out to San Ngan, Shaun Maclennan and Olamide Soyemi from the CA First Year for putting together the wonderful video that heads this post.