Creative Jam

Tom's personal branding on his Behance Portfolio page

It sometimes feels like the good news never stops coming and this week the First Years are keen to get in on the act.

We're delighted to discover that Tuomas Watkins has been invited to take part in Adobe's 'Creative Jam' meet up for New creatives having been discovered through his Behance portfolio (which has had nearly 300,000 views, by the way). It sounds good anyway, but it sounds even better when you realise he was picked out specifically as one of the Top 20 new creatives in the whole UK.

From now on we'll call him Sir and make sure not to look him in the eyes.

A snippet of Tom's D&AD entry for the Body Shop - see the whole campaign HERE

In the meantime, you can follow Tuomas' adventures at Creative Jam by watching the whole event live HERE as it is a live streamed programme.

If you feel like finding out more but only 140 characters at a time, Creative Jam will also be on twitter using the hashtag #CreateNow

Find out more about Creative Jam by clicking here.