London week: Adam &Eve DDB

Mirella and Ellen were the only ones to look at the right camera.

We arrived on day two in high spirits outside the doors of infinitely cool Adam and EveDDB and shamelessly took selfies with the entrance sign (how could we not?). In reception we were met by creative team Will and Lily where all got a tad too excited about fancy water dispensers and seeing all the work being made on our tour round the offices.
After settling into a sun filled meeting room we watched the agency show reel and tried to give the impression we weren’t all morphing into screaming fan-girls. Will and Lily told us about the agency’s lifestyle and answered all our questions. Then commenced the world’s first Book-Crit Race - who could blast through the most in an hour - Lily won. We left feeling like we’d had a two hour soak in Adam and Eve DDB mud baths - ready to take on the advertising world by storm!